keys for your home

Household keys for all homes and flats

Lost the keys to your home?

We can easily replace any key. We stock all the leading brands of keys and have computer-guided equipment to cut keys for your doors.

Worried that burglars or strangers might get in?

Moving into a new house or flat and worried that previous residents may have copies of the keys? We offer an affordable ‘rekeying’ service to ease your mind.

With rekeying you get to to keep the old lock, but we change its internal configuration and give you new keys. Any previous keys will no longer work.

You get safe and exclusive access into your own home, and it’s much cheaper than buying total replacement locks and keys.

Locks for your home

We offer a range of residential lock solutions to suit all needs and budgets, including:

  • Deadbolts and deadlatches
  • Window locks
  • Mortise locks
  • Outdoor deadlocks
  • Fire rated locks
  • Locks for sliding doors
  • Digital locks

One key – easy!

We can make all the locks in your home work on a master key, so you need never worry about which key is for which lock again.

Don’t add more and more keys to your keyring, use our key-alike technology.

Lockboxes – perfect for holiday homes and rentals

Choose a lockbox from TPM Secure and make it easy to leave keys outside securely.

Holiday rentals often require a key to be left onsite. No more hiding it under a rock, door mat or other non-secure place with our stylish, strong and easy to use lock boxes.

Security upgrades

We’re also experts in full security upgrades to your home or rental property.

We can do security audits of your property and from that recommend strategies and technology to boost your home security.

This might include:

  • deadlocks
  • window locks
  • patio bolts
  • advice on installing a safe.

Many New Zealand houses have old locks that are far less secure than we would like to believe. Replacing locks or installing new ones is one of the easiest ways to add more security to your property.

Modern technology and quality materials mean new locks from TPM Secure will be secure, easy-to-use, and will last. Guaranteed.

Old locks can be less secure than you’d imagine

Talk to us about securing your home and possessions.

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