Keys for your business

Business security, access control

Keeping your business safe under ‘lock and key’ is essential. We sell the best commercial locks and keys on the market. We also offer the latest in electronic access control systems.

Our locksmiths are trusted by leading businesses throughout Horowhenua, Kāpiti and Manawatū.

Three good ways to secure your business

  • Master key systems
  • Restricted key systems
  • Keyless access

Master key systems

Master key systems let you control access to different areas of your commercial premises.

There are three main types of master key systems:

  1. Each lock has a key that only works on that specific lock. A master key opens all locks in the system.
  2. Each room (or apartment or flat) has it own unique key. This key also opens any communal entry doors or gives access to common service areas such as laundries or gyms. Good for apartment buildings, groups of flats, and hotel and motel rooms.
  3. Arrange your locks into groups. For example, for individual departments in your business, or for one floor in a building. A master key an open all locks in a group. group. A grand master key opens all locks or a defined set of multi-group locks.

Lock away your business security concerns

TPM Secure are experts in commercial locking security and access control.

We take pride in getting to know our business clients and how they operate – and from there we recommend, provide and instal the access and lock system that best fits your business needs.

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Restricted key systems

Restricting the number of keys used in your business can be a vital security method at sensitive or secure business sites.

Keys can be number-stamped. Only authorised people can request extra keys. Contact details can be engraved on them to have lost ones easily returned.

Keyless (electronic) access

Digital keyless systems give quick and efficient entry. Using a key card or pin code to enter business premises is a great way to secure entry to your organisation and to specific areas inside your building.

Entry for authorised people only is easy to set up and to monitor.

A Secure business is good business

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