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Security is knowing your home, property or business is locked up tight

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having top quality locks designed and installed to suit your individual security needs

Our locksmiths are fully mobile for house, commercial and all vehicles


• Key-alike options to streamline your property’s locks

• Secure lockbox options perfect for holiday homes and rentals

• Remote controlled locks put you in control wherever you are

• Locks specially designed for commercial and industrial use mean peace of mind on or off site

• Guaranteed componentry and lock equipment



One key - easy!

Having new or replacement locks installed doesn’t have to mean adding more and more keys to your keyring. Bulky key bundles are a thing of the past with TPM Secure "T" Plus’s key-alike technology. We can make all the locks in your home work on a master key, so you need never worry about which key is for which lock again.



Lockbox solutions for when you’re off site

Choose a lockbox from TPM Secure “T” Plus and make it easy to leave keys out securely. Holiday rentals often require a key to be left onsite. There will be no more hiding it under a rock, door mat or other non-secure place with our stylish, strong and easy to use lock boxes.

New locks means better security

Many New Zealand houses have old locks that are far less secure than we would like to believe. Replacing locks or installing new ones is one of the easiest ways to add more security to your property. Modern technology and the best quality materials mean your new locks from TPM Secure “T” Plus will be easy to use, stay secure and they will last. Guaranteed.



Remote control locks

Make yourself the key! TPM Secure “T” Plus offers remote control and keyless lock options, removing the need for keys and the associated worries about losing them or needing spare keys. Refined technology with extremely high reliability means remote controlled locks are increasing in popularity with both home and business owners. They can be even easier to install into existing doors than regular locks, without the need for door frame alterations.



We back our work with experience

Our specialist locksmith has almost 45 years experience. Our service and support are second to none and our work, products and materials are guaranteed.



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• Standard House Key

• Coloured Key

• Pre-Cut Mortice Key

• Machine Cut Mortice Key

• Copy Of Machine Cut Mortice Key

• Automotive Key

• Machine Code Cut Key

• Copy Of Machine Code cut key

• Profile Key

• Copy of Profile Key

• Garage Door Remotes Supply and Programme

Our expertise comes from over 20 years of experience in the industry and we back our work, so you can be confident in your choice of security.

Ranchslider Repairs
We have a large range of wheels in stock and we specialize in fitting them for all your ranchsliders.
We have replacement the locks and handles. Call us for all your ranchslider repairs

Aluminium Window Catches
We have a large range of Aluminium Window catches, window stays in stock and we specialize in fitting them. Call us for your aluminium catches and stays repairs

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